Who funds us

We are funded through our annual membership fees GHC50, sponsorships by groups or foundations the generosity of fellow AGOSANs, or the families of old students who have established memorials

How funds are used

Every gift to AGOSA is used wisely and conservatively to help provide urgent needs of the school, refurbish AGISS and to support some charitable organizations in the vicinity of the AGISS campus,  projects to alleviate diseases of poverty (malaria), which cover infectious diseases and the culture and environment that contribute to these problems, water and sanitation etc.  When you give, you help to support dozens of efforts, please refer to our projects list.  Learn more about AGOSA’s many charitable-strengthening efforts/projects:

Examples of Previous Grants/Funding Activities:

  • The Assembly Hall was renovated by the 1983 /1984 year group and some few members of 1980 (October 2008).
  • The Computer Lab was refurbished by AGOSAduring the Golden Jubilee (21st October, 2010).
  • Susan Brodie-Mends Memorial Prize for the Best Home Economics Student.
  • Jennifer Meyer Memorial Prize for the best Visual Art Student


You can support AGOSA with a donation here. Link to form upcoming soon!!

You can still donate by wire transfer to our bank details below:

For AGOSANs abroad, please use the same address information and swift code and then use project number and indicate name and year group and what money is for.

Accra Girls Old Students Association 
Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited 
NO. 10 Ambassadorial Enclave, Ridge Accra  Ghana 

Sort Code: 240122
Account No:1050405898519
Branch: Dzorwulu


ACCOUNT No: 2090405898513




Bank Name and Address :      SGS SSB, Accra Main Branch, Kokomlemle

Bank Account No.:              001 201 00 45754

Account Holder’s Name:  AGOSA

Why give : The article on Accra Girls in Tatters – who will help? could give you a bird’s eye view of some of the needs in question.   The following descriptions are provided to give you brief summaries of the programmes, projects and activities your gifts support.

Online Giving (there will be links to the following to encourage giving)

Give monthly

Give now

Grants and other funding activities

We need every AGOSAN, the Government, other Stakeholders like P.T.As,  Alumni, District Assemblies, Philanthropists, Organizations, Banks, Companies and Institutions to help ameliorate the infrastructure of AGISS and other charitable entities in the same vicinity.  We appeal to you all to show more interest in the development of AGISS.  Please see the list below and allow your hearts to guide you as to which one you could adopt – please remember:  no amount is too small as it can go a long way.

Projects/sponsorship and partnership opportunities

Project Name

Talk about this portfolio piece–who you did it for and why, plus what the results were (potential customers love to hear about real-world results). Discuss any unique facets of the project–was it accomplished under an impossible deadline?–and show how your business went above and beyond to make the impossible happen.

Here’s how generous AGOSANs like you can help:

Go to houses page

Giving to the less privileged – e.g. Dzorwulu Special School

When families struggle with grief, confusion and tragedy, your gift will help them find some healing and hope, e.g.  High turn-up of AGOSANS and their collective donation and support to the bereaved families.

Sponsoring walks for projects

Establishing  a “Best Teacher Award”: to acknowledge the meritorious service of teachers that go the extra mile without charging fees for extra lessons and encourage others to follow their example

Contributing to the purchase of a Bus (second-hand or even new) to pick up the day students from Kasewa, Dodowa etc., and ran other required errands etc.

Linking us up with a sponsor/Partner

Partnership: seeking a  Partner to help AGISS join the Senior High School (SHS) Division of the National Exchange Programme School

Partnership: seeking and establishing  “Twining of AGISS and another school” overseas where students of both schools could exchange students annually – this is a call to all AGOSANS abroad to intervene with schools.

  • Assisting with the development of an AGOSA and AGISS websites
  • Assisting with the development and improvement of AGOSA Facebook, Twitter
  • Volunteering:  to coordinate and establish Year Groups: to contact and collect photos of classmates for the website  (e.g. Ruby Mills-Odoi has started the 1975 year group on FB; 2011 final year students will be inducted into AGOSA)
  • Volunteering: to coordinate scheduled visits to old retired AGISS faculty all over the world, e.g. and report of their welfare to AGOSA –  let’s not wait until they are dead to attend their funeral
  • Finding interested sponsors to collaborate with AGOSA in organizing the annual events, e.g. Memorial and Thanksgiving Service, etc.
  • Volunteering: to assist with the planning, organizing, ushers to welcome guests, focal point for each task, set up the venue, etc,  during the annual events  (e.g.) the 2011 Memorial and Thanksgiving Service.
  • Lending a helping hand during AGOSA annual events.




Fulbright Year in Ghana

To Accra Girls faculty, staff, and students, to the citizens of Mamoobi and Nima Neighbourhoods, and to countless others in Ghana, to so many friends, family, and students here in the US that sent letters, packages, and emails to me while abroad, thank you.


Some of my Form I students working hard