Here’s how generous AGOSANs like you can help:

Adopting a house e.g..or any of the other blocks listed below

  • New House is now Aryee House – named after Mrs. Gloria Aryee
  • White House is now Buckman House – named after Mrs. Buckman
  • Green House is now Gibson House – named after Mrs. Blanche Gibson
  • Pink House is no more – was turned into a classroom block.

Giving to the less privileged – e.g. Dzorwulu Special School

When families struggle with grief, confusion and tragedy, your gift will help them find some healing and hope, e.g.  High turn-up of AGOSANS and their collective donation and support to the bereaved families.

Sponsoring walks for projects

Linking us up with a sponsor/Partner

Refurbishing of  the:

Staff Room

Staff Room

Dining Hall:  adequate number of dinning tables, crockery e.g. ladles for serving food etc. or even expansion of the dinning hall (you could contribute to one dinning table or some crockery etc. etc.)

Dining Hall

Library: donation of various books, tables and chairs or even A/C


Classrooms: tables and chairs, mosquito proof nets, painting,

Art Shed:  painting the building, replacing louver blades, mosquito proof nets to serve as a cordon against malaria outbreaks and other epidemics. Install a Notice Board to display the scholarly paintings of the students.

Home Science Department – provision of constant supply of gas for practicals

The Science block

Science Lab

The Playground


AGISS Telephone Booths